Know your food.

Short and Sweet

Sustainabody is an app that tracks your nutrients. We make healthy eating easy.

We're all-inclusive

Track calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat, alongside your vitamins and minerals.

Diet on autopilot

When you're low in a vitamin or mineral, Sustainabody suggests what to eat next.

Know your body

Track a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Make educated dietary decisions.

Any diet, any lifestyle

Drop the diet and sustain your way - no matter your lifestyle or taste preferences.

Free for iPhone

Sustainabody is available free and fully-featured on iPhone, or $3.99/mo to Go Pro.

Sustain your body.

Log your food

Sustainabody is a complete diet tracker with an easy to use food log sorted into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

Lose weight sustainably

By getting your vitamins and minerals, you can help eliminate the low energy of traditional dieting.

Count your macronutrients, too!

Sustainabody puts an emphasis on micronutrients, but also counts carbs, fat, protein, and calories - it's a one-stop app!

Get your fruits & veggies 😉