Go Beyond Calories.

The most complete diet tracker.
Get your nutrients in a whole new way. 

Track vitamins & minerals

When you enter your food into Sustainabody, you'll see comprehensive nutritional data (micro & macronutrients)!

Fit for any lifestyle

Sustainabody is versatile and can flexibly fit to any lifestyle, diet, or dietary restriction so you get your nutrients - no matter what!

Get food suggestions

You can easily see what vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in and correct your diet with suggested foods.

Be kind to your body

By tracking a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals, you can lose weight without sacrificing your health or energy.

A robust database

Sustainabody has thousands of verified food items with full nutritional data, with thousands more being added by the day.

Always free, no paywall

Sustainabody is available for free with unobtrusive native ads, or $1.99 without ads. Hooray for accessibility!

“ ... as a physician and digital health expert I recommend Sustainabody to anyone who wants to learn more about [their] diet and the nutrients that he/she might be missing.” Leandro Grimaldi Bournissaint, MD, MPH

Don't Just "Lose It"

With Sustainabody, you can lose weight while getting all of your nutrients - the only way to make dieting sustainable for your body.

Log your food

Sustainabody is a complete diet tracker with food logging capabilities sorted into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

Lose weight sustainably

By getting your vitamins and minerals, you can help eliminate low energy and other negative symptoms of traditional dieting.

Count your macronutrients, too!

Sustainabody puts an emphasis on micronutrients, but also counts carbs, fat, protein, and calories - it's a one-stop app!

Get Your Fruits & Veggies

Follow our food suggestions and get your vitamins and minerals in the way that's best for your body.

Tap on potential deficiency alerts

Based on the food you eat throughout the day, you'll receive alerts with dietary suggestions.

Or browse the glossary

Alternatively, browse the glossary at your leisure to see great food sources of all major micronutrients!

What's in store for 2017?

Updates to expect soon include recipe creation, integration with popular m-tech devices, and artificial intelligence functionality - just to name a few!

Coming soon to Android and Windows phones.